3d and vfx

Here is a small excerpt of all the VFX or CGI related work I do.
Unfortunately I am not allowed to publicly show the majority of my work due to its mostly confidential contents.
If you would like to get further information about my work experience in a certain field please feel free to contact me directly.

Space Cleaners

This short movie was actually created a while back but I never got around to posting it. “Space Cleaners” was our final study project at university. My teammate Cathrin Paulsen and I created all elements from modelling, shading, rigging, animation, rendering, compositing, foley FX to editing ourselves. The project time from first idea to finished movie was three months and because of that a lot of compromises had to be made. This reflects in the final output quality. We spent countless hours at the computer lab, made lots of mistakes but learned a lot in the process. 😉

Eden Hope

Eden Hope is a clip we did for a course in 3d animation.

Hope and Eden are a couple. They are the two last remaining survivors of a series of robots, which were once built to lead mankind into a better future. Designed as worker drones they only have the most fundamental abilities… Hope and Eden found shelter in an abondened industrial complex. They are, aside from minor defects, fully functional and well preserved for their age but do share a common battery. Hope can only be active when Eden rests and Eden can only be active when Hope rests. Their time together is restricted to the few seconds of residual current which remain when they switch batteries. This one remaining battery too will soon lose its last remaining energy and if Eden and Hope can not find another source of energy by then, they both will die.

with: Tobias Möckel