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Quaternion Based Motion Control Software

This prototypical motion control software was developed as a group project for a course in Computer Science (M.Sc.) at Furtwangen University. A 3-axis remote head is controlled using arduino and a laptop running the developed java software. The aim of this project was to be able to compare Euler, Matrix (with axis / angle conversion) and quaternion linear interpolation techniques for motion control and 3D graphics programming.

My main tasks: Concept and Java software programming

The remote head used for this project was built by Tobias Möckel. weirdworkbench.com

Temperature Sensitive Interface

The temperature sensitive interface is a touch UI with temperature feedback. The prototype consists of 12 fields that can individually generate heat and cold. It was created as a group project for a course in computer science (M. Sc.) at Furtwangen University.

Principle of Operation

The GUI is projected onto the surface of the interface. User input and touch control in implemented by utilizing a leap motion controller. A laptop running the interface’s control software is connected to an arduino which control the individual peltier elements and regulates the temperature of the fields.

My main tasks: Electronics and programming

Light Paint Buddy Software

Light Paint Buddy Software

“Light Paint Buddy Software” is a program for creating and editing sequences for the “Light Paint Buddy” LED Slider (a project by Tobias Möckel). It allows the user to create a sequence from scratch or import and convert an existing sequence that can then be saved for later use. LPB Software can also control a focus motor, a camera slider and trigger the camera.
Light Paint Buddy transfers the data via USB to an adruino microcontroller which controls the Light Paint Buddy LED Slider and other devices.  It was programmed in java / processing and uses the control P5 library for the user interface.

For our ActiLive light paint commercial we needed software that was capable of  importing and processing larger picture sequences. This enabled us to create a sequence using adobe after effects and later import it into Light Paint Buddy. Since there is no such software available, we had to create our own.

check out this clip to see how it works…